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Dear Bible Study Group Member,
I write to confirm and report the results of our Group's discussion on the first evening of the current series of Bible studies. Our Wednesday evening group has become large enough to warrant becoming two groups meeting on separate evenings. Hence, the schedule for the rest of this series is as follows:

Tuesdays 7-9 pm

  • 6th November, at Flitcham Primary Academy, Church Road, PE31 6BU. Please park in the school's car park at the back. (NOTE : THE VENUE HAS CHANGED FROM THE ONE ANNOUNCED AT OUR FIRST MEETING)

  • 20th November (venue t.b.a.)

  • 22nd January (venue t.b.a.)

  • 5th February (venue t.b.a.)

Wednesdays 7-9 pm

  • 7th November, at Manor Farm House, Station Road, Wolferton, PE31 6HA. 

    • Directions: From the Royal Station, after about 300 yards, bear right towards the Wolferton Stud. Immediately to the left of the Stud entrance is the white 5-bar gate of the Manor Farm House (Fiona Petch's home). Drive through the gate and CLOSE THE GATE BEHIND YOU. Drive on and park behind the house. Entry to the house is through the door on right side of the back of the house, which is to the left of where you have parked. 

  • 21st November (venue t.b.a.)

  • 23rd January (venue t.b.a.)

  • 6th February (venue t.b.a.)

I will be leading both groups, and both will follow the same study plan. For the meetings on the 6th and 7th of November, we will be examining Genesis chapter 14, using chapter 3 of the study guide, "Going to battle" (pages 17-20).

I recommend choosing one of the two evenings for regular attendance but, of course, if in any week you need to miss one evening, you'll be welcome to attend the other to stay in the flow.  

It is gratifying and exciting to witness the growth of interest and participation in studying Holy Scripture in the Sandringham Group. Let's pray that both groups will flourish and bring further blessings to their attendees and to the Sandringham area.


01485 609294

The Old Rectory, Station Road, Hillington, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 6DE, U.K.