Director of Music: 
Claire E. Stewart
MA., GTCL (Hons)., FVCM (Hons)., FNCM., LTCL., LRAM., LLCM., ARCM

T:01485 298264


CHOIR REPORT 2017 – 2018
At the end of the Trinity Term we said goodbye to two of our boy choristers due to voice change, a brother and sister who returned to their parent’s church and two sisters who moved to Essex. After recruitment, probationers were enlisted from Flitcham and West Newton schools to make up the number of choristers.  It’s always sad to see choristers leave but obviously it’s a natural progression which allows other choristers to join and have the opportunity to sing fine church music,  alongside the Christian education and discipline that hopefully will stay with them throughout their lives.

As Director of Music, the role requires a considerable variety of tasks, the most important one is obviously ensuring that the music for each Service is the best that we can offer in worship. Each Service the choir process into church serenely, however, behind the scenes there is often considerable activity in the collective pursuit of working together as a Team. Choristers who arrive on any given  Sunday who miraculously have grown so their choir robes are too short requiring an immediate change for longer robes, hair accessories and ruffs that have been forgotten, music which has been dropped with all the contents spilling out, all the choirs music needing to be taken up to church. All these minor details take up time creating pressure on a Sunday morning prior to the half hour rehearsal in St. Cecilia before the Service and then the whole choir assemble for the service in church.

Just as we sing in harmony, soprano, contralto, tenor and bass on separate lines of music, each line vital and each line sounding complete together. The choir continues to make an important contribution to worship in the group of churches. Someone made me laugh recently when the choir were on leave for the usual August choir holiday, asking why the choir had to take time out. I explained that voices need time to rest from singing. The commitment choir adults and chorister parents make is huge and we are most fortunate to have such a loyal team of singers.

As the Michaelmas Term begins I think of the saying of a tightrope walker – The secret, he said, is to keep eyes fixed ahead. Where his eyes go the body follows. Here’s to another year of looking ahead to all the best we can offer through our music in church.
The choristers continue to make good progress with their instrumental and singing lessons and the following achieved success this academic year in the Royal School’s of Music Associated Board Grade Examinations.

Grade I Piano Leah Yeldham
Grade 2 Piano Leah Yeldham
Grade 2 Piano Aaron Pradeep
Grade 3 Piano Tabitha Pradeep
Grade 2 Singing Clemmentine Abel-Plant
Grade 4 Singing Georgina Abel-Plant
Grade 5 Singing Mia Underwood 

Claire E. Stewart (Director of Music)