Remembrance Sunday. 11th November 2018

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday is on the 11th November this year and will mark the centenary of the ending of World War 1.

To commemorate this particular anniversary, we will be having an extended program this year at Sandringham church.

At 6am, a lone piper will stand outside the church and play 'When the battle is o'er', (a classic retreat march) as an unique tribute to this special day. There will also be services at Castle Rising and Wolferton.
At 11am we will start out Remembrance Sunday service at the War Memorial, with an Act of Remembrance before returning to the church for the rest of the service.
At 6.50 pm (the exact time of the end of the war) we will have an Act of Remembrance outside Sandringham church with a bugler to play the last post. This will be followed by the lighting of a beacon in the park as part of a national program of Beacons. We hope that someone from each of our parishes will be there so that all the names of those who died from the Sandringham Group of Parishes can be remembered there.

Sung Mattins at Sandringham and Hillington 5th August

St Mary Magdalene

Sung Matins
The Choir of Holy Trinity Church
Sloane Square

Conducted by Oliver Lallemant

Sunday 5th August 2108



St Mary the Virgin


Sung Evensong
The Choir of Holy Trinity Church
Sloane Square


Conducted by Oliver Lallemant


Sunday 5th August 2108


Concert given by the Choir of Sandringham Parish Church - 16th June 2018

The Sandringham Choir gave a concert in church on Saturday 16th June. The programme included both sacred anthems and secular traditional songs. 
A large audience supported the choir and a retiring collection was made in aid of Camps International, supporting community, wildlife and environmental projects.
After the concert, refreshments were enjoyed outside the church giving the opportunity to meet friends and people who were visiting the Sandringham Estate for the day.

Choir concert summer 2018.jpg

Rogationtide - West Newton and Flitcham pupils give thanks.

Both West Newton and Flitcham schools celebrated Rogationtide with walks in the countryside in their local area, looking at the crops, trees and hedgerows. Shown below is West Newton school pupils looking at the Carp in one of the lakes at Sandringham House. At Rogationtide, we give thanks for the beauty of God’s creation and ask for his blessing on the crops in the fields.

Rogation West Newton 2 2018.JPG
Rogation West Newton 2018.JPG

Wolferton Coffee Morning 24/03/2018 - An amazing success!

Our morning started at the Social Club at 8am & by 9.50am  people were arriving & the rest of the morning is a blur as Wolferton Social Club was a sea of people.
We carried on with a steady flow of people leaving and arriving by the time we settled down to call the huge raffle the Club was full of people & an amazing atmosphere.

My heartfelt thanks goes to my family and friends for all their help, I couldn't have done it without them.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event it is very much appreciated & all the hard work was worthwhile as we raised the unbelievable sum of £1,061 in two hours.  The charities this year were Happy Memories Group (for people living with dementia and their carers) and St. Peter's Church, Wolferton .

Thanks again to everyone for their support.

Jacquie Dennis

Coffee 1.JPG
Coffee 2.JPG
Coffee 3.JPG
coffee 4.JPG

Mothering Friday service for Sandringham and West Newton school at the church

Sandringham and West Newton school held their annual Mothering Friday service at West Newton church on the 9th March. It was a lovely sunny morning after an overnight frost. After a short service in church everybody went outside for the clypping of the church. This is medieval custom at which everyone holds hands and makes a loop around the church in order to show our love and respect for mother church.  With parents and staff members as well as the children, we were easily able to completely surround the church! we then have 3 cheers for the church. The service finishes with prayers in the churchyard.

Flitcham school did their service on Thursday. Flitcham church is much larger so it was  a real stretch but we managed it there as well!


Dedication of the Altar and Cross at The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House - 15th January 2018

The Multi Faith Room is a place of calm and peace in the hospice and is used by many for a time of reflection, to pray, to have space for thoughts or just to be quiet. It is by the side of the new Hugh Ford Inpatient Unit and acts as a transept and crossing from the main hospice area and the end of life ward.

Along with visits from patients and relatives it is also used by people coming to the hospice for the Monday Morning Meet Up, which is a popular and lively social gathering. Once a month there is a Holy Communion service held in the Multi Faith Room led by Rev’d Sue Martin, hospice volunteer chaplain or by Canon Jonathan Riviere. These services have proved very popular and well received.

In December 2017, we were delighted to have both the new Altar Table and a new Altar Cross. The oak table was made locally at Pine and Oak Parlour and the cross was made by The Venerable John Ashe, Archdeacon of Lynn.

We were delighted that The Right Reverend Jonathan Meyrick, Bishop of Lynn was able to consecrate the Altar, Altar Cross and the Multi Faith Room as a place of prayer in the hospice. This was conducted at the Monday Morning Monthly Communion service which was led by Bishop Jonathan, and a number of our regulars were delighted to be present as well as Trust Board members and member of staff, Rebecca Meyrick, Director of Care.

We welcome a chance to celebrate the life of the hospice and the chance to bring God closer to people in this place.

Tapping House Dedication of the cross.jpeg

Steward's Lunch 7th December 2017

On Thursday 7th December, all the stewards of Sandringham church enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch organised by Michael Wheatley which was held at the visitor centre in Sandringham. A jolly time was had. A special Thank you! to Michael for organising and to the catering staff at the visitor centre for looking after us all with plenty of food and wine!!

20171207_140241_resized (1).jpg
20171207_140320_resized (3).jpg

Confirmation Service at Sandringham Church 15th October 2017

Confirmation Service - Sandringham Church - 15th October 2017

On October 15th, the Bishop of Lynn came to Sandringham church to lead a confirmation service. We had 7 children and 5 adults for the confirmation and we were joined by 3 candidates from St Edmund, Hunstanton. With all the families this meant we had a full church. The Bishop had recently been to Papua New Guinea (our diocese is linked with the Anglican church there) and he finished his sermon with a song from that country.



A beautiful Harvest Festival at Sandringham

St Mary Magdalene looked beautiful on Sunday 24th September for the Harvest Festival. The wonderful what sheat was made and donated by Peter Geoghegan and certainly made a striking piece on the Altar. Donations were given in aid of the Kings Lynn Food Bank. Many thanks to all those who donated.

Sandringham Harvest 2.jpg
Commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus.
— Hope K.
Sandringham Harvest Festival.jpg

The Ordination of Paul Gismondi - 25th June 2017

On the 25th of June a group of us went to St Luke's in Chelsea to see Paul Gismondi be ordained priest. There were 12 candidates who were ordained priest during the service. This involves the Bishop laying his hands upon the head of the ordinand with all other priests in the church also laying their hands on the ordinand's head. Those priests who can't get near enough put their hands on the shoulder of a priest standing in front.

It was a moving experience in a lovely church with beautiful music.

Paul is now having a short holiday and we look forward to welcoming him back during July as a priest in the Church of England.