A beautiful Harvest Festival at Sandringham

St Mary Magdalene looked beautiful on Sunday 24th September for the Harvest Festival. The wonderful what sheat was made and donated by Peter Geoghegan and certainly made a striking piece on the Altar. Donations were given in aid of the Kings Lynn Food Bank. Many thanks to all those who donated.

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— Hope K.
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Sandringham Churches Bible Study Group

Sandringham Churches Bible Study Group

A Bible study group will start soon in the Sandringham Group.
This flyer explains how it will be set up for a trial period.
Please read it and consider coming along.

Who is this Bible study group for? 
•    Anyone who wants
o    To get to know the Bible better in an informal, relaxed way. No prior knowledge required—we’ll all be learning.
o    To deepen their understanding of Christian faith and life.
o    To share the joys and burdens of being a Christian.

What will happen at the meetings?
•    Arrival: coffee, tea and cold drinks with cake or biscuits.
•    Bible study using a simple study booklet. (First four sessions to be led by Fr. Bob Nichols.)
•    A time of prayer.

When will it meet?
•    Our initial trial series of meetings will be on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of October and November:
o    4th October, 7 to 9 p.m.
o    18th October, 7 to 9 p.m.
o    1st November, 7 to 9 p.m.
o    15th November, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., starting with a bring-and-share supper.

Where will it meet? 
•    At the home of Bob and Mary Nichols, The Old Rectory, Station Road (near A148), Hillington, PE31 6DE.

How much will it cost? 
•    Only the cost of the study booklet, which is likely to be less than £4.00. (Please let us know confidentially if that cost will be a problem.)

I’m interested! What do I do?
•    Come to the meetings with a Bible, if you have one.
o    To give us an idea of numbers, please let Bob or Mary know you’re coming (contact details below)—otherwise, feel free to just turn up.
o    If you don’t have transport, please let us know, as it can be arranged.
o    If the dates or times aren’t possible for you, please let us know, so that we can get a good idea of interest and availability across our parishes.

After the four trial meetings, then what?
•    If the trial is successful:
o    The group could continue to meet, with dates, times, place and format all open for discussion.
o    Members will have an opportunity to host and/or lead meetings on a rotating basis. 

Hoping you’ll come and give it a go,
Bob & Mary Nichols

Tel.:        01485 609294
Emails:    revbobnichols@gmail.com — drmarynichols@gmail.com

Confirmation Service 15th October

There will be confirmation service in Sandringham Church led by the Bishop of Lynn on October 15th at 6 o'clock. If anyone would like to be confirmed and hasn't so far been in contact with me, please do email rector.sandringham@gmail.com

You have to be over 10 to be confirmed but there is no upper age limit. If you haven't been baptised then this can be arranged to take place a short time before the confirmation service.


The Ordination of Paul Gismondi - 25th June 2017

On the 25th of June a group of us went to St Luke's in Chelsea to see Paul Gismondi be ordained priest. There were 12 candidates who were ordained priest during the service. This involves the Bishop laying his hands upon the head of the ordinand with all other priests in the church also laying their hands on the ordinand's head. Those priests who can't get near enough put their hands on the shoulder of a priest standing in front.

It was a moving experience in a lovely church with beautiful music.

Paul is now having a short holiday and we look forward to welcoming him back during July as a priest in the Church of England.