Sandringham and Flitcham School Children Enjoy a Rogationtide Service.

Rogationtide when the Church has traditionally offered prayer for God’s blessings on the fruits of the earth and the labours of those who produce our food.

The word “rogation” is from the Latin rogare, “to ask.” Historically, the Rogation Days (the three days before Ascension Day) were a period of fasting and abstinence, asking for God’s blessing on the crops for a bountiful harvest. Less of us today directly derive our livelihood from the production of food, yet it is good to be reminded of our dependence upon those who do and our responsibility for the environment.

Traditionally a common feature of Rogation days was the ceremony of beating the bounds, in which a procession of parishioners, led by the minister and churchwardens would proceed around the boundary of their parish and pray for its protection in the forthcoming year. As it is no longer practical to follow exact boundaries many services will be held that have a focus on specific elements of creation such as livestock, fields, orchards and gardens.

The pupils of both Sandringham/West Newton and Flitcham schools enjoyed a sunny morning appreciating the countryside, looking at trees, crops and nature.

The photo below shows the children standing around a tree called the sequoiadendron giganteum, (giant redwood tree) which produces a soft, spongy like bark. If hit with a fist or hand, the bark cause very little pain or damage to the object hitting it! The children certainly gave it their best shots trying to prove the theory incorrect!


An Outstanding Wolferton Plant Sale raised over £3000!

In spite of the pretty wet start to the weather on Saturday morning, people turned up in force to support the Wolferton Village plants sale with the £3000 raised going to the ongoing repairs of church roof. Even the sun finally managed to make an appearance!

The effort and team spirit in planning and executing the plant sale is evident in the fantastic amount of money raised.


Appointment of The New Bishop of Norwich

The Diocese of Norwich have announced that Graham Usher has been appointed as the new Bishop of Norwich following the retirement of Bishop Graham James in 2018.

Bishop Graham Usher is currently the Bishop of Dudley in the Diocese of Worcester. He will be formally enthroned as the Bishop of Norwich in the late autumn.

We look forward to welcoming to Sandringham next Christmastime.

More details of the appointment are the Diocese website or click here to read.

Sandringham Churches' Bible Studies

Subject: Sandringham ChurchesBible Studies

 Dear Bible Study Groups’ Members,

 We’ll soon be gathering again to for another series of Holy Scripture studies. We will be seeking a deeper understanding of the following ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus:

 I am He

I am the Bread of Life

I am the Light

I am the Good Shepherd

I am the Resurrection

 Study guides are now available for £4.40 each.

 As before, for each study, you may attend either the Tuesday or Wednesday meeting:

 Tuesdays 7-9 pm

30th April, at Jayne’s, The Dene, West Newton, PE31 6AX

The middle cottage behind Sts. Peter and Paul’s church.

Tel.: 01485 543791


14th May, at Sally’s & Harry’s, Church Cottage, 43 Church Road, Flitcham, PE31 6BU.

Church Cottage is at the end of Church Road, to the left of the churchyard.

Tel.: 01485 609099


4th June, venue t.b.a.

18th June, venue t.b.a.

2nd July, venue t.b.a.


Wednesdays 7-9 pm

1st May, at Peter’s, 68, Gayton Road, King’s Lynn, PE30 4GN.

From the A149, turn right onto Gayton Road (A1076), go past Queen Elisabeth Hospital to the last house on the left before Winston Churchill Drive. The house number (and ‘Saffron John House’) is on the brick post of the iron gateway.

Tel.: 01553 764554


15th May, at Kate’s, Buttermere, Lynn Rd, Hillington, PE31 6BJ.

On the south side of Lynn Road, between the petrol station and Ffolkes Arms. The sloped brick-weaved driveway has space for 2-3 cars. Others please park in Pasture Close or at Ffolkes Arms.

Tel.: 01485 600825


5th June, venue t.b.a.


19th June, at Linda’s, Old Stables, School Road, East Rudham, PE31 8RF.

Approaching East Rudham from Hillington, as soon as you get to the green, turn right, almost back on yourself, into School Road (signposted on the flint wall). Linda's is the first property on the left, at the end of the flint wall. 

Tel.: 01485 529188


3rd July, at Kate’s

See 15th May for directions


See you soon,

Bob Nichols

01485 609294 — 07970 691118 —


Palm Sunday comes early!

Palm Sunday came early to Flitcham school (as term finishes 2 weeks before Easter). Following a service of Holy Communion in the church, the children held their palm crosses aloft in remembrance of Our Lord’s death and resurrection at Easter. After the service the pupils processed back to school with their crosses which will then be taken home at the end of the day.


Our Estate Schools Show Their Love For The Mother Church Ahead of Mothering Sunday

Sandringham and West Newton school held their annual Mothering service at West Newton church on the 29th March. It was a lovely sunny morning. After a short service in church everybody went outside for the clypping of the church. This is a medieval custom at which everyone holds hands and makes a loop around the church in order to show our love and respect for mother church.  With parents and staff members as well as the children, we were easily able to completely surround the church! we then have 3 cheers for the church. The service finishes with prayers in the churchyard.

Flitcham school did their service on 28th March. Sadly, they weren't so blessed with sunny weather. Flitcham church is much larger so it was  a real stretch but we managed it there as well!

Flitcham school 1 2019.jpg
West Newton Clypping 2.jpg

Sandringham Churches' Bible Study Group - UPDATE!

Dear Bible Study Member,

I’m very much looking forward to continuing our exploration of Abraham’s life and legacy. Here’s the update....

Our next two studies on Abraham will be:

Tuesdays 7-9 pm

22nd January at Flitcham Primary Academy, Church Road, PE31 6BU. From the B1153, turn west onto Church Road, then about a tenth of mile turn right through the school’s entrance and proceed to the car park. (Tel.: 01485 600383)

5th February at Sally and Harry’s, Church Cottage, 43 Church Road, Flitcham, PE31 6BU. From the B1153, turn west onto Church Road. The entrance to Church Cottage is at the end, to the left of the churchyard. (Tel.: 01485 609099)

Wednesdays 7-9 pm

23rd January at Linda’s, The Old Stables, School Road, East Rudham, PE31 8RF. Approaching East Rudham from Hillington, as soon as you get to the green, turn right, almost back on yourself, into School Road (signposted on the flint wall). Linda's is the first property on the left, at the end of the flint wall. (Tel.: 01485 529188)

6th February at Fiona’s, Manor Farm House, Wolferton, PE31 6HA. From the Royal Station, after about 300 yards, bear right towards the Wolferton Stud. Just to the left of the Stud entrance is the house’s white 5-bar gate. Drive through it and close it behind you. Drive on and park behind the house. Enter through the back door on right side of the back of the house. (Tel. 01485 540651)

We will be studying the following Bible passages:

22 and 23 January: Genesis 18 (study guide chapter 7, “Speaking Face to Face”)

5 and 6 February: Genesis 22:1-19 (study guide chapter 9, “The Ultimate Test”)

Remember, for each study you may attend either the Tuesday or Wednesday meeting.

Dates for our Eastertide meetings

To avoid disappointment, please enter these dates in your diaries now!

Tuesday, 30th April

Wednesday, 1st May

Tuesday, 14th May

Wednesday, 15th May

Tuesday, 4th June

Wednesday, 5th June

Tuesday, 18th June

Wednesday, 19th June

Tuesday, 2nd July

Wednesday, 3rd July

See you soon,

Bob Nichols

T: 01485 609294

M: 07970 691118


Remembrance Sunday - The Centenary

We had good attendance at all the services held on Remembrance Sunday.

At 6 am, a piper played the Scottish lament, “The Battle’s o’er” to mark the time that the armistice was signed to come into force at 11 am on the 11th November 1918.

30 people had made the effort to be there after a very early start.

The 11 am services at Castle Rising and Sandringham were both well attended, both starting out at the war memorial before processing to the church for a service.

In the evening, at 7pm, we had an act of remembrance at Sandringham church before launching a rocket to signal the lighting of the beacon. The lighting of the beacon was part of a national program of beacons being lit to mark the end of hostilities.

Lone Piper.JPG
IMG_2857 (1).jpeg

Visit by the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Diocese of Norwich

On the 9th November the Archbishop of Canterbury led a service at Kings Lynn Minster during his 2 day visit to the Diocese. It was well supported by local churches and by the primary schools in Kings Lynn where pupils led the singing.

The Archbishop then interviewed a Rwandan poet, Richard Benda, about his experience during the genocide in his country in 1994. During this interview, a poem of Richard’s was read out.

The first 2 verses were:

He was on a boy
eight or nine years - or thereabouts.
He was lying in a pool
of tan and ruby fluid.
He made as if to talk
only a painful hiss-
they’d severed the conduit.
Air could not be sound -
only shallow breath.

So I held his hand
and looked into his pure eyes:
I held his gaze.
Hurt, accusation and confusion
met mine.Still I held on.
Desperation drove away guilt-
why should a child’s last sight
be one of bearded barbarity,
greying savagery, wrinkled madness?
I tried to look human,
a kind adult face,
but what can a guilty gaze do
against a hundred murderous eyes,
a gentle squeeze against scarlet blades?

Although you might not think that this subject would be a good one for discussion with a group of primary school children, it did work really well. The Archbishop knows Rwanda well and combining this with having Richard who lived through the genocide and the very moving poem, made for a thought provoking occasion.


35th Anniversary of the death of Squadron Leader Michael Stephens on Wolferton Marshes

On the 27th September we had an Act of Remembrance down on Wolferton Marshes to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the death of Squadron Leader Michael Stephens, when his Tornado crashed there in 1983.

The memorial had fallen into disrepair and has now been revamped and a new fence erected around the oak tree that was planted at the time.

As well as the present Group Captain of IX Squadron and a number of the current serving personnel, we also had the Group Captain who was in post at the time of the accident as well as the navigator who was able to eject and members of Michael Stephen’s family.

It was a rather moving ceremony on a lovely autumn day. There was also a fly past.


Dersingham Guides achieve Faith Awareness.

5 of the Dersingham Guides have recently completed their Faith Awareness badge partly at a family service where they arranged tea and coffee for the congregation as well as baking a selection of cakes.

As these 5 girls regularly attend Sunday School many of the parts of the badge were something they regularly covered. Other aspects included Drama, artwork, creative writing, learning about faith traditions and how those values are part of life today. The group also held discussions with their Guide Leader - Elizabeth Wheeler about their faith and that of others whose faith was important to the way they led their life. Learning about organisations who promote positive support for others and finally writing their own prayer and sharing it with others.

Well Done Girls!!!

Copy of Faith Awareness badge.jpg
Guides and Mrs Allen.jpg

Concert given by the Choir of Sandringham Parish Church - 16th June 2018

The Sandringham Choir gave a concert in church on Saturday 16th June. The programme included both sacred anthems and secular traditional songs. 
A large audience supported the choir and a retiring collection was made in aid of Camps International, supporting community, wildlife and environmental projects.
After the concert, refreshments were enjoyed outside the church giving the opportunity to meet friends and people who were visiting the Sandringham Estate for the day.

Choir concert summer 2018.jpg

Rogationtide - West Newton and Flitcham pupils give thanks.

Both West Newton and Flitcham schools celebrated Rogationtide with walks in the countryside in their local area, looking at the crops, trees and hedgerows. Shown below is West Newton school pupils looking at the Carp in one of the lakes at Sandringham House. At Rogationtide, we give thanks for the beauty of God’s creation and ask for his blessing on the crops in the fields.

Rogation West Newton 2 2018.JPG
Rogation West Newton 2018.JPG